If you wish to spend your lovely, passionate honeymoon days in absolute peace & privacy, then what would be more attractive than a leisurely ride in a Kerala houseboat? Enjoy the compelling beauty of the countryside in a Kerala houseboat & spice up your romantic spirit! One of the most popular tourist attractions in Kerala, the traditional Kerala houseboats or “Kettuvallams” offer honeymooners splendid views of the local life: small villages, swaying coconut palms, magnificent temples, lush greenery & much more. Created from various bamboo products, the houseboats are generally 100 feet in length and 17 feet wide. Houseboats offer various kinds of accommodation & you can hire the one that perfectly suits your budget and preferences. Often, houseboats are well-equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art facilities such as sun-decks, bath-attached rooms, lounges, balcony & kitchenette. Enjoy a fabulous houseboat ride during the rainy season & ignite the spirit of romance & love!
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Houseboat PackagesHouseboat PackagesHouseboat PackagesHouseboat Packages