Kerala is home to some of the most beautiful hill stations in India. Some of the renowned hill stations in India include Munnar, Wayanad, Thekkady, Ponmudi &Wagamon, among several others. Spend your passionate honeymoon days in one of these enchanting hill stations in Kerala & make it an unforgettable experience! In addition to a cool, pleasant climate, these picturesque hill stations are blessed with luxuriant flora and fauna, vast tea & spice plantations, sparkling rivers & streams and numerous other attractions. Staying with your loved one in a plantation resort amidst fragrant spice plantations is the best way to spice up those romantic & exciting honeymoon days! Most of the cottages in the plantation resorts are constructed with locally available materials such as wood, granite, sandstone and tiles. The presence of exotic flora& fauna, lush vegetation, rich birdlife & sprawling spice plantations creates a magical ambience that leaves you completely spell-bound! So, if you are an avid nature lover, pack your bags & head to Munnar or Thekkady, stay for a couple of weeks in one of the best plantation resorts & spend your honeymoon days in perfect peace & privacy!
Staying in a tree house nestled amidst dense spice plantations in Munnar or Thekkady is one of the best ways to spend a quiet & tranquil vacation. Generally, tree houses are built atop tall trees that go up to 50 ft or even up to 100 ft! Tree houses are, in fact, a new initiative to promote eco-friendly tourism in Kerala. Constructed from strong wood & eco-friendly materials such as bamboo, coir, hay, etc, the tree houses are well-equipped with modern amenities such as TV, computers, double beds, attached bathrooms, telephone, electricity, wash basin etc. Tree houses provide an ideal getaway for honeymooners. Living atop a tree house gives you a breath-taking view of the surroundings coupled with a great sense of privacy and natural comfort. Moreover, you can get a fascinating face-to-face encounter with the wildlife & also embark on sight-seeing trips with guides. Adventure enthusiasts can indulge in various kinds of activities such as trekking, hiking etc. Food freaks can savor the delicious Kerala cuisine served on banana leaves!
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Kerala HoneymoonKerala HoneymoonKerala HoneymoonKerala Honeymoon